Friday, March 25, 2011

A Woman You Should Know: Activist Suzanne "Africa" Engo

"There's nothing more glamorous than a woman who gives back by changing lives"

Suzanne " AFRICA" Engo is an African born, American and British Bred /Activist Personality/ Producer, she currently is the CEO of Girl Behind the Camera Productions as well as the executive director of the New York AIDS film festival and museum which she does in collaboration with the United Nations.

Suzanne is the daughter of Judge Paul Bamela Engo ( former UN ambassador of Cameroon to the United Nations) and current International Court Justice and Dr. Ruth Bamela Engo ( former Senior Advisor on Africa to the former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan) and Currently Executive Director of African Action on AIDS.

Suzanne first gained prominence for her, “I Love Africa” project that was created to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in Africa, originally by running from New York to Chicago back in 2008 and again raised funds and AIDS awareness in 2010 by running in Europe and Africa for the cause. Suzanne is also a member of the THE ENGO GROUP, a private financial holding company with real estate and business development projects in Africa as well as media and charity holdings in the Europe and America.

Suzanne splits her time between New York , Rome and their Africa Offices. Miss Engo works with numerous celebrities on their philanthropic endeavors and has collaborated with many of them on eradicating AIDS on a global level. If you want to support Africa and the Staying Alive Foundation by making a donation please visit her FirstGiving Page.

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