Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Preserving Our Image: Artist Brianna McCarthy

Art Work By Artist Brianna McCarthy

I love art of any kind and I love the beauty that Briana McCarthy creates and the above drawing is just a sample of the beauty that this talented woman creates. Her artwork depicts the beauty of the women of the Caribbean and their surroundings. And if you've never seen any of her paintings, you should because they're beyond gorgeous!
Brianna McCarthy is an artist who lives and works in Trinidad &Tobago. In 2005 she exhibited work as part of the Trinidadian delegation to Venezuela for the Festival of Youth and Students XVI. In 2008 she showed a collection of drawings and paintings in a group exhibition at the Alice Yard in Trinidad and began an ongoing online exhibition of her work at http://briannamccarthy.blogspot.com/. In 2009, her "12 Girls" was presented at Trinidad's Erotic Art Week, at the Brooklyn Bar Gallery. To order prints and to see her portfolio of art available for sale, click here and here.

Photos: Brianna McCarthy

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