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"Afrolicious Marsha Hunt!"

In the late '60s and '70s, only a few Afros were as powerful and majestic as singer, model and actress, Marsha Hunt's. The Philadelphia-born beauty made a bigger name for herself in London, when she began starring in the British production of  the ground breaking musical "Hair," instantly becoming the toast of London. Hunt's beauty was so stunning, it left Mick Jagger smitten enough to fall in love with her and write, "Brown Sugar."

From the pages of VOGUE UK.

After a decade of modeling, acting, and singing, Marsha Hunt became a writer, releasing novels and memoirs, including "Repossessing Ernestine: A Granddaughter Uncovers the Secret History of Her American Family," a recount of her search for her father's mother, a free woman of color who was mysteriously banished to an asylum for 50 years. In 2004, Marsha Hunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a complete mastectomy, she celebrated her survival by recreating her 1969 cover pose for British Vogue on the cover of her book titled, "Undefeated."

Some only remember Hunt for posing nude for the cover of British Vogue's January 1969 issue (below), she was much more than that iconic cover which eventually introduced her to a whole new legion of admiring fans, Marsha held Europe in the palm of her hand. Today, Marsha Hunt still calls London home, along with she and Mick Jagger's daughter, Karis where she still holds London in the Palm of her hands and she's still a beauty icon.

One of my favorites: Oh, no! Not the Beast Day.

Marsha Hunt as she is today, and just as beautiful as ever.

Photos: CV/GUK

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