Monday, February 14, 2011


What becomes a legend most?

I've been saving the best photos for last and I'm not done yet. Some call her a revolutionary. Some call her a activist. I call her an American "Herstory" maker because she continues to make "Herstory" on a regular basis. Along with supermodel Iman, Bethann Hardison co-founded the Black Girls Coalition, an organization that has pushed for greater inclusion and visibility of Black models and models of color in the fashion industry, one activity that even in this day she's still fighting for.

Today, the former runway model is now the Editor-at-Large for VOGUE Italia's-VOGUE BLACK Website. Long gone is Bethann Management Company, Inc., which was once the international modeling and talent agency headed by Bethann Hardison. Never one to leave a challenge and create newer opportunities in the world at large especially in the fashion industry, Bethann is still a pivotal force in organizing Black models around such issues as equitable Black representation in fashion magazines, runways and catalogues. Bethann is an inspiration and a vision of women's empowerment.

I Salute You, Bethann Hardison for being a major influence to women all over the world by showing the world that we do exists and will no longer tolerate being rendered invisible. And may God continue to bless you with the vision and longevity to continue to empower others!

NOTE: Photos: Runway photos are from my own collections of fashion books
with the exception of those photos belonging to NYM and Getty Images. Share the love by linking back. Thank you.



Monique Walke said...

I love this so much! Your blog is all kinds of amazing! ;0)

Divalocity said...

Thank you Monique, I do my best. I like your blog also.


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