Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Luana de Noailles

Paco Rabanne Favorite and Former Brasilian Fashion Model, Countess Luana de Noailles

Not wanting to be outdone by VOGUE ITALIA.  VOGUE BRASIL published their own all-black issue featuring Brasilian models of African descent. I love the photos, but it left me wondering was it needed since Brasil has such a large Afro-Brasilian population (2nd largest outside Africa) or that it's now time that they show their true diversity to the world on a regular basis instead of at Carnival time? Whatever it is, it's a first step in propelling the country forward inclusion and economic prosperity for all of it's inhabitants. I'm not reading about it nor am I hearing the same excitement the VOGUE Italia "All Black Issue" garnered a few years ago. The hoopla concerning that issue was like the world was about to come to an end or something which gives me one of those 'hmm' moments.I'm going to buy this issue so I can see the entire magazine, because of what I've seen of it so far consists only of the most pertinent models of today and not the history makers who I'm showing above and below.

Former Brasilian Fashion Model-Mira Fonseca

Former Brasilian Fashion Model-Vânia Cortez

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