Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yaya DaCosta For The Gap

Yaya DaCosta in an advertisement for The Gap

While surfing the web I came across this advertisement of Yaya and quickly clicked on the ad to see what The Gap had in store. OK, it was the usual, but what disturbed me even more was that there was not one model of color featured in that online catalog. Sorry, but I don't shop where I'm rendered invisible and neither should any of you. Advertising and money dictate fashion, but we spend a helluva amount of money on clothing too. Isn't it time we see the truth and speak it with our dollars? Exactly who are The Gaps customers? Retailers need to rethink how they do business in this country in order to stay afloat.


Beauty Is Diverse said...

That's in-correct Joan Smalls is also in the ad campaign along with a Asian blogger . All 3 joan smalls, yaya , and the asian blogger are in the ad campaign and look book for gap holiday right now.

In the fall look book 2010 Lais Ribeiro and Tao Okamoto were in the book and another black female I'm not sure of her name.

Gap does hire models of different ethnic groups.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see them in the one I looked at when I followed the link either.


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