Monday, December 13, 2010

Need To Listen: Georgia Anne Muldrow "VWETO"

Totally loving Georgia Anne Muldrow's album cover.

Being that as music lovers who are constantly bombarded with every singer who's based on a scale of popularity and who really can't sing, it's refreshing when to hear real music. Many of today's more popular singers just have the image and no voice, which leaves the über talented singers being ignored by the music industry and out of building a possible fan base. All I can say is that the music industry sucks and I'm going to make it's my life's duty to seek out the underrated and hopefully get their music in the hands of like minded individuals. And Georgia Anne Muldrow is one bad... singer who many of you are missing out on because of the way things are.

I love her music- plus I love her vibe. Her latest offering "VWETO" (which means 'gravity' in Swahili) will be available 12/14 on iTunes and released on on January 11, 2011 is a mind blowing instrumentalist sojourn of beats that will put you wherever you want to be, in your own Utopia. Show your love and support this artist and many more like her by buying their music.

I find it always best to block out people who want to box you in and put a label on you. Labels only serve to limit us because we were born to soar. ~ Divalocity

Photo:Mello Music Group

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