Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Back!!!

So much has happened while I was gone. Let's see Mel (Mad Max) Gibson was secretly recorded by his former love muffin and some people got angry about it. Hm-mm, would we have known any of this had she not recorded it to seek revenge? Would it have mattered if he was not well known? Who cares because I don't, I don't answer to the N-word so he wasn't talking to me or about me.

I sneaked on my daughters computer from time to time because she brought her own and our hotels had great Wi-Fi. My "Crackberry" kept me connected to Twitter which I like again, until the people I've chosen to follow start with the ignorance.

Miss Chilli of TLC.

Lifestyle Guru and Event Planner, David Tutera.
The Essence Music Festival rocked and so did Miss Janet Jackson...Miss Jackson was too much! I've been going for the past nine years and still could not hit all of the events in the city that went on. I wanted to go to the Carols Daughter events , but would have died from heat stroke because the lines were long and in that heat we would have died. It was hotter than hell, but I'm use to the heat and humidity.

Montreux Jazz Festival blew the city off the charts with their phenomenal line up as usual. And to top it off we still didn't make it to New York. My girls have a trip planed for April to see their father and I hope to fly with them to visit the city and see if I like it enough to live there.

Scenes from the recent Dakar Fashion week.

   Models wearing the designs of Martinique born designer,
   Paul Hervé.

Next up, Fashion Weeks galore! I don't plan on buying any Haute Couture (unless I make my own) any time soon, but Africa Fashion Week in NY rocked and so did Senegal Fashion Week in Dakar. Dakar Fashion Week took place from July 13 to 20, the event featured African artists who wowed the crowd with their vivid colors and innovative designs. Who needs VOGUE to tell them what's fashionable or not? Africa doesn't need them!The great Canadian photographer Finbarr O'Reilly captured this prestigious event .

How was your Summer so far?  I want to thank all new readers while I was away for befriending the Blog.  Merci beaucoup!


DJ Taurus said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing~!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Hope you had a great vacation.


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