Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dawn Okoro: Capturing Life's Fantasies

"Oil and Acrylic on Canvas"

Rarely do women artists come along who capture our fantasies or gain our attention in the way the Dawn Okoro has. It doesn't matter if it's the bold strokes on a canvas or pen and ink to paper, Dawn is quickly becoming a force and a legend in her own right with her extensive collection of sculptures, paintings and photography.

Dawn has shown several collections of her work at several of the worlds most prestigious galleries in which her work has been extensively dissected, debated and discussed in the press, yet she remains one of the art worlds rising stars. Okoro injects her own personal history and the daily lives of women into each piece that she creates, thus giving the viewer a miniature peek at our lives and lifestyles.

Artist, Dawn Okoro

My blog is dedicated to "The Afro and All of it's Magnificent Glory" and Dawn has a wealth of beautiful prints that I could feature here on a daily basis.  When we think of our beauty we should bask in the delight of self-love which is a personal affirmation of self-worth that we all must embrace, caress and protect, not the definitions that others have of us, and Dawn Okoro's paintings validates our inherit beauty in our own imagery.

People often tell us to pursue the things we love doing and to do them so well no one can take their eyes off us and we'll be rewarded accordingly and Dawn Okoro is doing just that, creating paintings that are so beautiful patrons can't take their eyes off of them. To learn more about this artist click on the link.
To purchase her work, click on the link.


Beauty Is Diverse said...

I love her artwork.

Anonymous said...

I've got to buy one of her paintings.

Tamstyles said...

love her work...beautiful indeed.


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