Monday, April 19, 2010

Diamonds Are Forever...

...And Diamonds are created through pressure.
Diamonds are resilient and hard to crack.
When a Diamond is found it is truly a sight to behold.
A Diamond is no good until it's polished and neither
are we any good without trials.
Trials come to us to make us strong.
But we should not focus on them because
we become what we focus on.
A Diamond gives off light.
So let your inner light shine.
  Bring about your reflection to light up the world. 
Showcase your brilliant facets.
Let's not look at the present challenges
facing us, but celebrate our future
by looking at our past.
Diamonds are desired by everyone.
Be the envy of those who have everything...but in reality have
absolutely nothing.
Cherish who you are even when no
one else does. No matter
how closely they look, they simply won't
see what we see.
They don't have the one rare jewel oftentimes
flawed or flawless...
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