Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chrisette Michele: Simply Stunning

I'm sure that everyone has heard about or has seen the beautiful photos of singer Chrisette Michele in all of her exquisiteness by now? If not- it's all over the WEB because for some of us this is a celebration and I just had to have my own say.

Most of us go through life trying to elicit validation for our humanity by having other's say, "You're beautiful and everything about you is beautiful." There's nothing more liberating than declaring for yourself that only you will be responsible for this validation and not others. It's equally refreshing to see more women declaring for themselves that they are beautiful and believing it without worrying about the caustic criticisms from others.

There's nothing like taking a good look in the mirror and loving what you see. For those of you who are still out there looking for a muse, the muse is YOU... so conquer any insecurities that you have a about yourselves and do you! To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you into everybody else...Do you!
(Photos: Derek Blanks)


Anna Renee said...

"For those of you who are still out there looking for a muse, the muse is YOU!"

Divalocity, oh how I love this quote!! No truer words have been spoken!!
And that sister is gorgeous, but she doesnt need me to tell her!

Anonymous said...

she looks better in my opinion this way, I've yet to see a style that suited her more. Less is more ladies!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Magnificent!

Deanna said...

Chrisette Michele is absolutely gorgeous.

La Lionne said...

Hi dear,

Thanx for ur message on my blog, it is so kind ofo you! To answer your question,of course I am ok to feature on ur blog!

Get Togetha said...

Well said.

Everytime you look for validation outside of yourself you'll come up short.



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