Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who and What Is An Afrolista???

"Gotta Love The Afro In All Of It's Magnificent Glory"

An Afrolista is a woman who is of African descent+a Stylista who self-defines her own life from her beauty rituals and beyond. An Afrolista is also a woman who lives her life free of labels that society tries to affix to us and define our human existence. She refuse to let anyone or anything define her based upon superficial standards alone because she knows that the only opinion that matters is her own.

When I first started this blog I wanted something that would highlight our beauty and how we self-define our own beauty and what it means to us. I wanted to introduce my readers to culture and my memories of  many of the iconic and legendary women who have shaped my life.

I'm fascinated and obsessed with the Afro and what it stands for. I want to show the diversity of our beauty all across the African Diaspora and then some because style is style no matter who has it. I don't do tutorials on natural hair-care because there are hundreds- if not thousands of them on the World Wide Web for you to choose from.

I want to show the lifestyles of women who are "Au Naturel" and how they live and work in society. I don't believe in labels, so I'm not going to attach one to myself or any of you because I find labels quite limiting and libelous. Life is not about limitations, but living a life free of them.

If I find that one individual that fascinates and peeks my interest believe me you'll see a post about them here. Sometimes you may see a post ending with my favorite phrase: "Gotta Love the Afro In All Of It's Magnificent Glory." That phrase sums it all up for me because "The Afro" symbolizes a freedom like no other. It represents Liberation, Elegance, Style and the Regality of that of a Queen, because that's exactly who we are...Queens.

That freedom also symbolizes that women of African descent are abandoning the concept of European beauty standards and reclaiming their own standards of beauty for themselves by self-defining who they are as women. As women of African descent we do have a choice to wear our hair any way we choose to and personally I'm sticking with what I was born with. The struggle is over and I am more than just the hair on my head and the color of my skin...I am the soul that lives within...

I want to welcome all of the fabulous women who have joined my friends list and I hope that you enjoy my blog because I certainly enjoy reading many of yours. I'm no writer or a journalist, heck-sometimes I'm so tired after working twelve hour days and coming home to tap away on my keyboard that I can't even get my sentence structure right. Anyway I love this because I feel that I'm doing something worthwhile and if I can help change someones life then I've done my job.


Moni @ CL Journal said...

Posts like this are exactly why I love reading this blog! : )

Divalocity said...

Thank you so much for the complement and I will do my best to make it enjoyable for (hopefully) everyone.

Fatima said...

i love afrolista. check out my blog on sistas of african descent on


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