Monday, March 1, 2010

Prada 2010 Fall/Winter Collection Is Pure 50's Optimism

After viewing the Prada 2010 Fall/Winter show I can honestly say that now I see why Shala is so loyal to the brand. I guess we all wish for those days when life was so easy and the world was not racked with problems.

Being that fashion is sometimes all about the illusion- a trip to mometarily fantasy- then this is what Miuccia Prada gave us- optimism of the good old days. I like quirky and I like to be different and this collection was both, with a bit of whimsy thrown in for fun.

I didn't care that much for the dresses which seemed to give the illusion of  cones for breast, but I do like this collection,especially the printed coats.  

I love the way the whole show gave everyone in the audience an up close and personal view of the models as they walked the runway. I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen as they paraded around in the collection.
"She's wearing those cat-eye glasses now check out Prada's"

"Check out Prada's version of the cat-eye glasses"
I used to ask my Grandmother could I have a pair of her "cat-eye glasses because I always loved vintage chic. Prada even introduced her own version of the new and improved cat-eye glasses for the 21st Century. I could just imagine the looks and stares that I'd receive.

"Check them out in red"
'I want a pair in Black"

Some may have called the collection "Grandma Chic," this collection can be worn by women of all ages. Miuccia Prada heavily borrowed from the 50's boys bomber jackets layered with what looked like fur collars and vinyl and then paired the looks with a added touch of feminism.

As they say that fashion oftentimes repeats itself, she is certainly paying homage to a by-gone era keen on what looked liked patent leather or well made vinyl full A-Line skirts which hit below the knees accompanied with bomber jackets for "us girls" to wear. There's nothing wrong with borrowing from your Grandma just add your own twist to it.

Check out the fashion show for yourselves.

"The high heeled loafer has tried to make a comeback several times"


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