Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Afrolista of the Week: NABIHA BENSOUDA

Nabiha Bensouda is a Copenhagen based performer. Nabiha has Danish and North-West African roots (Gambia, Mali and Morocco) born and raised in Copenhagen as the eldest child in a family of seven. Nabiha grew up listening to disco music and soul, but at the age of five she fell in love with reggae. Later, her love turned to rock music, R’n’B and electronic music. Nabiha has been exposed to most genres and has now developed her own unique style, which is strengthened by her sublime and distinctive vocals. She possesses an energy and attitude that bewitches the listener of her music in a brilliant way.
"Nabiha performing at this years Zulu Awards in Danmark"

Throughout the last year, Nabiha worked intensely on her debut album ‘Cracks’ together with the Swedish producer/writer Carl Ryden, which was released in Denmark February 1st 2010. The tracks on the album are inspired by pop, urban and electronic music the productions are on an international level, rarely seen from an artist out of Denmark. Carl and Nabiha have written and produced most of the songs on the album but also collaborated with fantastic songwriters such as; Nina Woodford, Cozi Costi and Chanelle Gstettenbauer. During their first writing session, Nabiha, Carl and Cozi wrote the track “The Enemy”, which is the second single off the album in Denmark.

”Cracks” entered the official Danish Top-40 Album Chart at 17 and on the TDC PLAY download album Top-40 ”Cracks” has so far peaked at 7. The album has received fantastic reviews with 5-stars in several music magazines such as Gaffa, Tjeck, Sirene & Olivia and received 4 stars in various other well known magazines across Denmark. Nabiha has done several spectacular live performances on Danish National TV this spring – including the prestigious Zulu Awards show.

Nabiha is in the Danish charts right now with her first single “Deep Sleep” - a song with an incredibly strong hook focusing on “just wanting to sleep”. The middle-8 is a lullaby from Mali, which Nabiha’s mother used to sing to her when she was a child. The lyrics in the lullaby are a mix of African and French and it always put Nabiha to sleep.  Nabiha is an artist to definitely be on the look out for as she expands her reach all across Europe and on into the USA.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful lady! But then all the artists featured here are...

Anonymous said...

Nabiha is amazing and she definitely deserves a lot of success! Very talented and beautiful. If anyone has yet to hear her first album 'Cracks,' it's well worth doing so, there are some great pop, r'n'b and urban tracks on there. She has a new website up and running now, http://nabihamusic.com/. Let's hope album number two follows very soon..


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