Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vogue Italia Hits The Web

The Opening page of VOGUE Italia's VOGUE BLACK

Leave it to the international editions of magazines to be the first when it comes to showing diversity, too bad their American counterparts have yet to be so courageous when it comes to inclusion. Fashionistas everywhere can now get a daily dose of Italian and European style and also visit a section of Vogue Italia solely dedicated to models of color, writers, artist and so on and even Vogue Curvy.

Thanks, Shala for these delicious morsels of style bites. Thanks are definitely in order for Franca Sozzani, the Editor of Vogue Italia who gave us one of ( probably) the best selling issues(The Black Issue) in Vogue Italia's publishing history and shows us the love!

Maybe she can teach you know who a thing or two when it comes to selling magazines and let her know that style and fashion is global and is accessible to everyone and having a woman of African heritage, Hispanic, or Asian woman on an American VOGUE cover can and will sell magazines! Style is not meant to offend, only an ignorant individual would think so!

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Lynn said...

I'm not huge into trendy styles but here, here on the making style appealing to the masses and all races, types, and textures! I love that message...

My best, Lynn


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