Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"A Moment In Afro Herstory"

Miss Black America 1969 Gloria O. Smith

When I saw this beautiful photo of Gloria O. Smith, I was nearly speechless! She is Beautiful!!! I was eight years old when this photo was taken at the height of the"Black Pride Movement" of the late 1960's during the second Miss Black America Pageant.

Yes- in the earlier days we held separate pageants because women of African descent in this country were not allowed to participate in The Miss America and Miss USA pageants, so Mr. J. Morris Anderson  created his own version of the pageant  in 1968 as a competition for young African American women — basically the black version of the popular Miss America pageant. 

The pageant is still held today even though it has been deemed racist by some and considered not needed since our inclusion as participants.

I basically added this historical tidbit to highlight this woman's beautiful halo of hair and impeccable beauty, because before-during and presently at this time "our natural  beauty" is still not celebrated. I don't know where Miss Smith is today- but she was and is still an inspiration to many.

"All Hail To The Queens"
The Black Queen has ruled … and continues to rule. Her realm is universal and extends beyond geographic boundaries and political ideologies.

Photo: MBAP


Tiffany said...

She's gorgeous.

Anna Renee said...

She's beautiful and I don't believe that the Miss Black America pageant was racist! It's still needed because one black winner every 5 or 10 years doesn't do enough to celebrate the very diverse beauty of the beautiful black woman!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a Miss America or Miss USA who looks any where close to resembling her other than Kenya Moore. Have you noticed that even though she's beautiful she is not as successful as the rest are. I love that Queen and regal statement. Great blog post!


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