Monday, February 22, 2010

La Rosa Suprema

Congratulations to Rosa Cordero on her beautiful  French Vogue cover. The digital world is abuzz by the news of what some say is historic. She's a teenager so she's got a little more longevity to be a fashion model.

On a serious note, I personally need to look inside the issue to see if there's more to the cover that meets the eye, such as advertisements featuring models of different ethnicity's or editorials. One thing that puzzles me, has anyone else noticed that international fashion publications use models while their American counterparts do not???

Attention American publishers to include Essence Magazine!!! We- the American and international public are completely exhausted of seeing celebrities on the covers of your magazines! All of us are not celebrity obsessed as you all think we are! I'd buy a magazine if there was a model on the cover before I'd buy one featuring the celebrity of the moment!


Tiffany said...

I love this cover picture. And in regards to the ads it's not going to change over night and hey it may never change. Does it bother me not really.

Pam said...

I love this cover shot of Rosa...WOW. I totally agree with your alert to American Publishers. We in America seemed to be obessed with those in front of the camera and trying to GET in front of the camera. I'm so sick of celeb hounds. They contribute nothing to society except to suck money out of stupid peoples wallets. No style, no class, just physically altered people with high paying jobs!


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