Saturday, January 2, 2010

Men Of Style: Designers Kevan Hall and B.Micheal

Fashion designer, B. Micheal and one of his favorites muses, business woman Pamela Joyner at her annual Black Tie Affair.

This year I decided to start off on a more positive note and pay homage to two designers that I greatly admire, but whose story has been languishing in my lap tops hard drive because I've been too busy to edit what I wrote about them. I want to give credit to these two designers because we give more credit to others, when these men are just as good, if not better and they greatly deserve the attention. Sure, they've maintained their success without the attention from the mainstream fashion press, but I think they deserve the same accolades given to other more popular fashion designers.

Some of my favorites designs from B. Michael's 2010 Spring/Summer Collection.

I first heard of B. Micheal after reading about him in earlier copies of Essence Magazine and saw his designs quite frequently on my favorite actress, Cicely Tyson and other fashionable ladies. I first noticed Kevan Hall designs while watching the annual Academy Awards pre-shows and like most people, I had to find out more about him.

Another one of B.Michael's favorite muses, or shall I say fashion ambassadors, actress Cicely Tyson looking breath taking in red.

A spectacular gown from Kevan's 2010 Spring/Summer Collection.

Kevan Hall and B. Micheal knows it's not about you wearing the dress, but more about the dress wearing you in a transforming way. Their gowns and dresses are all about glamour, which today means modern glamour worn with a heavy dose of confidence. From their first collections to their present collections, they have never strayed from their true passion of making women look mutely elegant. Who she is and what she is speaks volumes when wearing their creations.

It doesn't matter if it's in their manipulation of the various fabrics that they use in their interpretations or the billowing of silk and organza of their gowns whose construction often rivals those found in nature.

Their collections for Spring/2010 tells the story of both of their influences for the ethereal sophistication and intricacy that their customers crave when wearing their designs. Kevan Hall's statement making pieces rival the boundaries between fashion and art with their vivid colors in which they both courageously use in their collections.

My favorite looks from Kevan Hall's 2010 Spring/Summer Collection and Mr. Hall himself.

It's no wonder that both of them are inspiring a new generation of designers to go where many of them are afraid to go. Bold, in living color!

Actress Vanessa Williams is a true supporter of Kevan Hall.

Regardless of the lack of media coverage they hardly receive, both men have their feet firmly planted on the boundaries of fashion in their own way. Their clothes are for women who exude confidence and are infused with the elegance to wear them, you won't see any unlikely combinations of street inclinations in any of their collections.

Kevan Hall and B. Micheal are not only known for their elegant gowns and the "ladies who lunch" suits, but the "women who launch" empires. I can't wait to see what Cicely Tyson, Susan Fales-Hill, Pamela Joyner, Alice Blythewood, Vanessa Williams, Crystal McCrary-Anthony and others will be wearing of their designs from the runway to the boardroom and to the ballroom.

For more info on both designers check out their web sites here: Kevan Hall and B.Micheal.
(Photos:SF Luxe/Getty Images)


Tiffany said...

I've always liked Kevin Hall.

Anonymous said...

I like both designers, but I've only recently heard of b.michael and after doing a little research it appears that he has quite a following. this is great because there aren't that many African american designers out there. Why don't you write a blog post about Edward Wilkerson.


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