Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Your Eyes Only-There's Nothing Geek About Chic Eyeglasses

This is one trend that never really was a trend to begin with, but merely a style of glasses that an individual wears because they happen to like them. With the advent of the style of " Mad Men" and Tom Fords new movie, "A Single Man" be sure to look out for more people adopting this style as their own.

I still had my glasses from years ago that I wore in the above picture so I don't have to buy anything. My newer glasses are similar to the ones Liya Kebede is wearing. The Nerd label is nothing more then something the people pleaser's would say about those who like to wear these glasses.

Ray-Bans have not gone out of style and even Chanel had a pair that were two-tone last year for sale. can you rock this trend or are you afraid to be labeled a geek? Everyone from Madonna, Pharrel Williams to Jay-Z is rocking these glasses. Maybe they've seen the real trendsetters on the street wearing these and then adopted them as their own? Is this a trend for you?


Anonymous said...

I'd wear em and who care's about being called a geek, I dress for myself. These glasses are mad cool!

Anonymous said...

i wear my glasses to help me see,not worry about who is calling me a geek!i like my semi-rimless frames.they accentuate me and my style and set me apart from the rest.


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